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"Katarina brings skill, finesse and first rate expertise to every situation, from presentation to papers. She is a rising young leader whose impact will be felt around the world."

Sherri Goodman

Senior Strategist with The Center for Climate and Security

Senior Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center's Polar Institute

Secretary General of the International Military Council on Climate & Security

"Katarina is an excellent analyst in the field of climate-security and the geopolitics and the militarisation of the Arctic. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with her in the context of the Planetary Security Initiative and beyond, and I am glad that we continue to connect and cooperate."

Dr. Louise van Schaik 

Project Manager of the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI)

Head of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre at the Clingendael Institute

"I have worked with Katarina on a number of security and development issues in my work for the UN, and value highly her specialised knowledge, incisive analysis and communication skills. She has become a leading expert in key topics, with whom it is always a pleasure to collaborate."

Philip Peirce

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

"​​I've come to know Katarina as a powerful professional, analyst and researcher, able to develop unique expertise in a diversity of fields. Highly supportive of her peers, she is actively committed to a variety of high-level networks, eager to learn and to contribute. A true inspiration!"

Eline Chivot

Senior Adviser on Digital Policy at the European People's Party

"​​It’s a real pleasure to work with Katarina on research endeavours related to the Russian Arctic as well as to Arctic security affairs more broadly. We have inked articles and done several speaking engagements together, and I look forward to our continued collaboration."

Mathieu Boulègue

Research Fellow at the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House

"​​It has been my distinct honor and privilege to have established a long and fruitful Arctic regional security collaboration with Katarina. I greatly admire her professional insights and understandings of the developing dynamics of the defense and security landscapes across the pan Arctic environs, to include her superb research & analysis of Arctic crisis response. Katarina's expertise in understanding the geopolitical dynamics of NATO and her ability to integrate policy insights of these dynamics to the High North is invaluable. Katarina's contribution to the University of Alaska's Arctic Domain Awareness Center and the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies has substantially advanced policy and security cooperation measures to the benefit of the Arctic operationally grounded practitioner community and I have no doubt she will contribute even more significantly in the months and years to come."

Randy "Church" Kee, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)

Senior Advisor, Arctic Security Affairs, Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies, Join Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Global Fellow, Polar Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C.

 Former Commissioner, U.S. Arctic Research Commission

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